Training – Program & Project Management

Poor project management can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company’s annual bottom line in a small organization and tens of millions in large organizations.   Unfortunately, it can be difficult to see the cost when poorly executed projects are still completed.  “Well, at least it is done” seems to erase the fact that extra man hours, employee stress, poor quality and lost opportunities are the unplanned extra costs.

Shepherdwise knows how to address this challenge, by helping organizations develop successful program and project managers.  We see project and program management as a craft, both science and art.  Science without art will miss the uniqueness and nuances in every project and in ever-changing environments.  Art without science will lack the necessary framework and baselines from which to work.

Shepherdwise offers courses to equip program and project managers to be skilled, successful craftsmen in any project environment. Our courses are each one to two days in length. Current courses available include:

Project Management Success Essentials

A two-day course that focuses on the most vital concepts needed to become a successful project manager:

  • MINDSET – the four key traits for project managers to develop; the five things that successful project managers always focus on
  • METHOD – the reasons for methodology; the core elements of any PM methodology; the bare essentials to never skip
  • CONTEXT – how projects fit into an organization and why it matters; how to become a catalyst for better projects

dartboard-smallProject Management Intensive

A full day of direct interaction in a very small group (max five students) to focus intensely on:

  • YOUR SPECIFIC CHALLENGES – project and organizational challenges; needed soft skills; questions around approach, methods, and mindset
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS – woven through discussion of your specific challenges will be the core essentials on mindset, methods and context

flowchart-blue-smallProgram Management Success Essentials

A two-day course that focuses on the most vital concepts needed to become a successful program manager:

  • FOCUS – the four integrated aspects of your project world; the four greatest benefits to focus on; the four hidden values of excellent program management
  • FUNCTIONS – the key functions every organization should implement; workflow essentials for program management;
  • APPROACH – how to get started, regardless of context; selling executives on program management; keys for building a program management culture

Taught by experienced senior program and project managers with decades of experience, our courses foster an interactive learning environment while teaching important concepts.  These courses will be invaluable to your staff who manage projects regardless of whether or not you have a formal project methodology and whether your staff are full or part time in their project management roles.

“Your course is far more practical and helpful than PMI options in helping me understand how to manage projects well. You focused me on the true essentials that I can use NOW.” – recent student who is shifting careers

COACHING – We also offer coaching beyond the courses to help drive home the lessons of the course through regular interaction and problem solving around the student’s real life projects.  See our coaching page for more details.

Contact us to schedule a course for your organization’s staff.