Strategic Project Capabilities Consulting

Shepherdwise champions a Business Driven Project Capability

Business Driven Project Capability (click on image to see larger)

Shepherdwise helps executives become stronger strategic partners to their organization rather than merely better service providers.


By helping executives infuse their organizations with enhanced business-driven project capabilities that provide greater:

  • VISIBILITY – Know everything you need about your projects -before, during and after.  See it real-time.  Use it proactively to make strategic decisions.
  • PREDICTABILITY – Make informed adjustments on projects and schedules based on accurate information resulting from consistent, realistic, adaptable processes along with routine attention.  Make strategic decisions with confidence.
  • CAPACITY – Have higher quality project outcomes that minimizes break/fix and work arounds.  Have less waste, delays and rework due to poor direction or requirements.  Avoid the distracted and unproductive work of overloaded resources.
  • RELEVANCE – The synergy of visibility, predictability, and capacity empower an executive to explore and evaluate strategic opportunities AND know when and how they can be accomplished effectively – with great confidence.


To help an organization obtain the benefits of these capabilities, Shepherdwise provides guidance, advice and coaching to executives and directors of organizations desiring to develop or improve their project capabilities (portfolio, program and/or project management).  We tailor our recommended solutions to your needs and budget, working at a pace that encourages real change and adoption without overwhelming anyone.

Clients range from needing routine advisory/coaching calls for addressing questions and issues all the way up to completely engineering and guiding the development of a PMO.  Shepherdwise frames interactions to meet your specific time constraints and culture.

Our “shepherdwise” approach has been proven and honed in several organizations over the past 17 years, especially within the highly volatile Healthcare IT industry.  As one healthcare executive said, “In this time of incredible change and challenge with government mandates, shrinking budgets and growing needs for technology and integration, Mark’s work has helped us to not only survive these challenges, but also succeed.”

Let’s talk about your needs and explore solutions that can ensure you are a strategic partner at the executive table, so that you are never mistaken as a mere service provider.