Healthcare organizations face a rapidly changing landscape.  Changing regulations.  Transitioning business models.  Growing need for technology integration.  Increasing value of data.  Inconsistent revenue sources.  Mergers and partnerships galore.  All of this generates projects that require effective and collaborative use of limited resources to be successful.

Our services and skills have been forged in the furnace of healthcare transformation and focus on helping you successfully navigate this landscape and lead your project capabilities to greener pastures.

two businessman with laptop, office as backgroundCONSULTING SERVICES

We help you identify, improve, and expand your project capabilities. Gain visibility. Add predictability. Maximize project dollars by focusing on actual business priorities.

  • Assessment: Identify gaps, needs, opportunities; outline solutions; create roadmap.
  • Design/Development: Define and customize methods, processes, templates, and tools.
  • Implementation: Implement anything from new processes and tools all the way to setting up an entire PMO.
  • Strategy: Provide feedback, ideas, strategies, options; assist in short or long term planning.
  • IT Guidance: Add feedback & insight on IT capacity planning, org structure, infrastructure, etc.


We perform any function you find in a PMO, even if you don’t have a PMO. Add expertise. Fill gaps. Reduce silos. Speed up projects. Develop a new culture centered on project best practices.

  • Portfolio Management: Help leadership identify, define, prioritize & manage project portfolio.
  • Program Management: Help leadership prioritize, organize, and manage project programs.
  • Project Management: Lead projects of any size; Assist project managers in leading projects.
  • PMO Management: Lead one or more PMO functions, including integration of services above.


We can prepare your staff to lead effectively. Develop a project mindset. Gain leadership soft skills.   Learn project management skills. Increase project success.

  • One on One Coaching: Customized; focus on soft skills, PM thinking & skill set development.
  • One-Day Intensives: Small group, interactive; targets greatest PM needs in organization.
  • Project Management Essentials: Comprehensive, hands course with overview of PM mindset and methodology.
  • Group Coaching: Customized for organization; focus on PM thinking & skill set development.