hero-businesshero-forwebEvery organization has them.  You know, the HEROES.  They are your super staff who save your organization’s bacon time and time again with their dedication, long hours, skills and smarts.  They are in the executive board room.  They are in the IT shop.  And everywhere in between.

They save you, but is that the best use of their super-hero capabilities?

In far too many organizations, the heroes cover for the weaknesses of the organization – and very often in the realm of dealing with projects.  And often, as an organization grows, instead of making incremental changes and reworking of approaches and processes to deal with the growing range, volume, complexity, and integration of projects, the organization sees a growing number of heroes rise up to put out fires and make miraculous last minute saves.

Might it be time to re-purpose your heroes?  Instead of them saving your organization from its own weaknesses, what if those super-hero capabilities were aimed at finding ways to help your organization grow and expand – proactively focused on what your company could become versus reactively dealing with the messes?

It may be akin to the person who enables an alcoholic by handling all of the issues and challenges that arise without making adequate time to help solve the core problems that led to the alcoholism.  Great strength and effort is expended – all with the best of intentions and a desire to make things work well.  But ultimately, it exhausts and discourages the heroes.  And then they leave.

Do you know of burned out heroes in your organization?  Are you one of them?

So, what IF you addressed the underlying problems with your project capabilities so that your star players could help your organization win in the marketplace?  What could that mean for your organization?

Your heroes will never stop being heroes.  It’s in their blood.  But position them to succeed by letting them solve the challenges that keep you from moving forward, find the innovative solutions that give you the edge, and improve upon strong business-driven project capabilities rather than cover for poor ones.    These kinds of heroes don’t burn out and leave.  They flourish and feel good about the clear value they bring to your organization.

Do you have a growing number of heroes covering your weaknesses, and you want them to help your organization soar?  Then let’s talk about improving your business-driven project capabilities and transforming your organization.