compoundinterest-einsteinThis first hidden benefit of improved business-driven project capabilities might be the hardest to measure, but is probably the greatest benefit to your company – Strategic Advantage by Compounding!

Excellent project capabilities generate benefits much like compound interest with your personal investments – it reaps great benefits over time.  Every priority project completed efficiently and when planned poises the company to benefit from the fruit of the project and to engage the next project that builds on that success.  It works like this…

COMPOUNDED TIME – Every project completed a little bit faster means getting the next project completed a little bit EARLIER and a little bit faster.  What would be the value of getting even one extra strategic project completed in a fiscal year because of time gained from efficient project execution?  For some of you, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars – in savings and/or in new revenue.

COMPOUNDED QUALITY – Every project prepped and completed a little bit better means a STRONGER result upon which to build the next project a little bit better.  Instead of a house of cards requiring a distracting amount of duct tape, props, re-work, patches, bug fixes, etc., your company has a solid foundation on which to build strategically.  What would be the value of getting even one extra strategic project completed in a fiscal year because your company was ready and poised to do it?  For some of you, perhaps one new product line or one new client.

COMPOUNDED FINANCIAL SAVINGS – Every project completed a little more efficiently will save the company money which means more budget available for other strategic projects.  Additionally, when every project scheduled and budgeted is completed within a fiscal year, your leave no capital on the sideline unused.  How much money does your company leave on the sideline every year that could have been used to accelerate strategic growth?  And what strategic projects that you really wanted, didn’t get done in the past fiscal year?

If we simply say, “improved project capabilities will make us more efficient,” then we significantly understate the value of it!  Having watched two organizations double their project output with the introduction of business-driven project capabilities within its first year, I have witnessed how small gains compound and create big gains over time.

With one organization, we were able to accomplish a seven year plan in less than four years so that we could benefit from government Meaningful Use incentives.  This meant not only millions of dollars in incentives, but also the needed capabilities to compete in the marketplace with much larger organizations.  Today, this organization is competing well and finding success, in large part to the business-driven project capabilities we implemented six years ago.

Want to know how this compounding of success works?  Want to explore how this strategic advantage can be infused into your organization?  Contact us for a free one hour consultation to explore your needs and opportunities.

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