MarkFaggionShepherdwise was founded by Mark Faggion, a seasoned program and project manager with 27 years of experience under his belt, who has implemented two successful PMOs in mid-sized hospitals in North Carolina. Fiercely practical and adaptable, Mark has forged long term relationships with clients by supplying the RIGHT solutions at the RIGHT pace at the RIGHT time to meet the RIGHT needs.  In both hospitals where PMOs were formally implemented, the hospitals’ annual project productivity nearly doubled even BEFORE the PMOs went live due to the simple application of key project management concepts.


Success ahead signWith shrinking budgets, strained staff and growing competition, organizations cannot afford to struggle with late projects and poor project results – and throwing money and staff at projects rarely yields an ROI.  Shepherdwise is a company three decades in the making that seeks to meet an urgent need – making organizations more effective and successful in their projects.

Our name comes from this mission: we seek to SHEPHERD clients into greater business success with maximized strategic project capabilities built upon a SHEPHERD’S approach a servant leadership approach.  We do projects “shepherdwise.”


Of particular focus for Shepherdwise are growing small to mid-size companies whose project capabilities are struggling to keep up with the demand, especially within the healthcare industry with its emerging information technology challenges.

iStock_HealthSmallMany large companies have project management offices and project management methods, tools and dedicated staff, BUT most small to mid size companies do not. Most consulting firms focus on the big fish, and often the typical approaches that work for large companies WON’T work for the majority of small to mid-sized companies. And with significant pressure from the flurry of new government mandates on the healthcare industry, an industry largely made up of small to mid-sized organizations, healthcare leaders are seeking ways to make their organizations more efficient as project loads increase and budgets and staffs shrink.

And though Shepherdwise has a focus on the small to mid-sized companies, we know our approaches can significantly help to improve the project capabilities of large companies too – so we are open to helping any company on the planet that needs our help!

Want to explore how to improve and maximize your organization’s strategic project capabilities?  Let’s talk.